Friday, 23 May 2014

New Columnist for THq Blog and Her Name is Romancia

Make welcome our new contributor on Teen Headquarters Blog. She’s Romancia Naa Adoley Thompson. A Ghanaian, who lives in the sunny and beautiful city of Accra. Only a teen, she owns a boutique and is in a media school.

She loves to sing and cook and says she dislikes “people who act in charades” (you know as Ghana peeps like big grammar. Lol nothing do you Charlie).

She loves all things in the colours of red and lemon green. Her fave meal is yam and local stew (pretty down to earth if you ask me).

She loves fashion with a passion and has no interest in politics. So it’s definitely a good thing that she’s here to drop the what’s hot and what’s not in fashion and not to talk about politics. She’s however a very sensible and intelligent chick and so she’s also going to be dropping daily quotes for life and living. Enjoy.

Romancia will be behind the columns; “This Morning, Romancia says…..” and “The Week’s Roundup of Fashion and Music With Romancia.” Please support our new columnist.

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