Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Is Don Jazzy the King of Social Media or What? Hot on the Heels of Doro Bucci, Another Track - Adaobi is About to be Born on Instagram

It started out like a joke while Don Jazzy was away in Dubai for Tiwa and Tee Bills’ wedding. He posted a video of himself on Instagram singing the chorus to Doro Bucci and the whole of Instagram went berserk with his fans home and abroad uploading videos of themselves doing their rendition to the Doro Bucci song. The rest is history as they say, for we now have two tracks born out of that skit and they are both hott.

Today, the new track baking in the oven is called Adaobi and it is coming out following pretty much the same master-script: Don Jazzy yesterday uploaded a video on his Instagram page and explained that a friend of his called Adaobi came to visit him at the Mavin Headquarters and requested that he “make a jam with her name” he obviously decided to oblige her and the video was a prelude of the track as he promised that the full jam is coming soon.

Fast-forward just one day and there is already a promo pic for the track with the caption “food is almost ready”.

What do you think about this absolutely ingenious method that the Mavin Boss has adopted to introduce his new artistes to us the listening public?

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