Sunday, 25 May 2014

Fans Blast Julius Agwu for Leaving Mum in a Squalid House.

Julius (the Genius) Agwu definitely did not bargain for the backlash that this picture elicited from fans when he posted it on Instagramyesterday. It was supposed to be a cute picture of a man and his mum who he is a carbon copy of and fans were supposed to gush and coo about the resemblance and his love for mummy.

The comments started off pretty much according to this script until someone asked him to get a new house for his mum. Some other comments followed this pattern with fans asking him to paint the house.

Of course, there were fans that came to his defence and asked the others to go and build houses for their mums too. A particular fan commented that Julius is currently building a house for his mum.

The man in the eye of the storm did not seem bothered by the comments as he did not delete them and the next day, he put up a happy picture of his family and captioned it with the hashtags we no send and na you get ya mouth.

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