Monday, 25 January 2016

From Kenya With Love with Eva Nyambura

From Kenya with love is is what we call our interview with Eva Nyambura a proud Kenyan national who tells us about her country and and what makes its people tick. I have been trying to get this interview for a while but it was well worth it as Eva does not disappoint. Now a 20 year old University undergrad, Eva shows us Kenya through her eyes.

1.)  Tell us a bit about yourself. What city do you live in and what do you do? My name is Eva Nyambura, from Kenya Nairobi City. I am a beautiful, elegant, go-getter lady,
courageous and above all love God.I am 20 years old and a student of The University of Nairobi. I strongly believe that everyone has a purpose and it is that purpose that makes us who we are today. 

2.)  What are the main Kenyan cities? The major cities in Kenya are; Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu.

3.)  What do you like the most about your city? It is true to say that I love Nairobi as my
main city because it’s a beautiful place, has a good ambience, has friendly people and is a business oriented place. Trust me when I say that if you visit Nairobi you would be motivated to join in the business world,

exchange ideas and interacting with the honourable people. It is the same place where we have big firms, the office of the President and many other government offices

4.)  Tell me us about the Kenyan weather.  The weather in Kenya? I can’t complain about it. But at times, it’s hectic
when it rains especially in the city. You would have black outs, traffic jams and even some businesses won’t open. Other than that, we all know that sunlight is good for our skin; so once the sun is out people enjoy themselves by swimming, others go for hikes and many other outdoor activities.

5.)  What are the fun things for a teenage tourist to do in Kenya? A teenage tourist in Kenya would probably go out swimming, hang out with friends in the various parks, some
would go for adventures at the wildlife parks (Safari) and mountain climbing while others go to watch movies at the cinemas and some even decide to go learn new cultures.

6.)  Tell us some of the nice dishes that Kenya has to offer. My best Kenyan dish is "Ugali and Chicken". But generally we have people who love "githeri, mokimo, fish
, biriani, pilau, mothokoi" and many more.

7.)  Tell us why you think we should visit Kenya. The reason why one should consider coming to Kenya is because it’s only in Kenya that you can enjoy variety of delicious dishes. It’s also only here where we have the 8th  wonder of the world which is the great migration of over 1 million Wildebeests from Kenya to Tanzania
and vice versa. It’s also only in Kenya where you are welcome just by the beautiful scene of the lands and features. It’s only in Kenya that diversity has been embraced and you would learn about different cultures and tribes.

8.)  What is the best time of the year to visit Kenya and why? The best time to visit Kenya is any time because whatever is offered here is not only for season but will always be there by the grace of God.

9.)  Complete the sentence - when in Kenya please go to ....  When in Kenya you have to go to Kajiado and see the Masaai culture at the Coast and enjoy sunny beaches. You could also tour to the Rift Valley where we have beautiful scenes of lakes and formation of land and mountain climbing enthusiasts could engage themselves by climbing either Mt. Kenya, Mt. Longonot or the Ngong Hills.

10.)  Complete the sentence - when in Kenya do not  ..... When in Kenya do not be found on the wrong hand side of the law. You also don’t have to drive while drunk.
Any final words Eva? I hope many of you will visit my country and be a witness to my story.