Thursday, 19 June 2014

Another Teen Stowaway, this Time in America

A Somali immigrant who survived an arduous flight to Hawaii stowed away in a jet's wheel well says he was trying to reach his mum, a refugee in Ethiopia who says her teenage son broke down in tears this week during their first call since his ordeal.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Photos: Your Fave Celebs Celebrate Father’s Day.

Our stars were all over social media today celebrating their children or their fathers on Father’s day.

Fathers do such a wonderful job and are worth having a special day of their own to be shown all the love back. So here’s wishing all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day.

My Chat with the Smoking Hot Ghanaian Actress and TV Host, Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde is a UK-born Ghanaian actress and TV presenter. After graduating from Middlesex University with a 1st Class degree in Psychology, she returned to the birth place of her parents, Ghana to pursue a career in entertainment.

This pursuit has seen her feature in highly rated Ghanaian TV series as well as present The EFGH Show which profiles the crème de la crème of Ghana’s entertainers from sports stars to movie, music, radio and TV stars in a refreshing way that is truly hers. She also makes regular guest appearances on the Ghanaian talk show, Tales from the Powder Room, holding her own alongside the show’s host, Naa Ashorkor.

So being the roving international reporter that I am, I was able to get Peace to do an interview and you can find excerpts after the cut. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Carrers: Fitness Trainer

There are actually people out there who make a good living as physical fitness trainers. Seun Fadina (Celebrity Fitness Trainer and C.E.O., Burnout Fitness Service) is one of them, and as we usually do, I got him to give of the low down on what it takes to do what he does.

Monday, 9 June 2014

From Houston with Love…..

Houston is the largest city in Texas, and the fourth largest city in America. A multi-cultural city, Houston is home to an estimated 80,000 Nigerians and that’s the great city our tour guide, Feyi lives. She is going to tell us a little about the city she calls home.

This Morning, Romancia says…..

Here’s Romancia’s quote for the day.

You cannot be inspired if you are surrounded with negativity.
Open the door and step into the inspirational garden of nature.
Do not let life make you bitter, there is always another way
If you let the love of God guide you.

Good morning y’all

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Feast your Eyes on Pictures of your Favourite Celebs Shirtless.

Instagram is the perfect place to get a little self-indulgent, and as luck would have it, famous guys aren't afraid to get in on the fun! The men of the celebrity world have taken to Instagram (and Twitter) to post their most sizzling shirtless pics, and I've got them all in one place for you. From Dbanj to Davido to Alex Ekubo, check out all the hottest shirtless social media snaps.

Isn't it cool how our celebs take the effort to work out and look good. A real departure to what used to be. What do you think? Please drop a comment.

Be Inspired: Meet the Next Generation of Power Girls

The 15-Year-Old App Developer
Not only is she one of the youngest coders to be making major waves in the tech world, but 15-year-old Helena Mark is also one of the only girls changing what used to be the dude-dominated coding world. After developing her first website in 5th grade and publishing her first app in 8th grade, Helena just beat out hundreds of students to win a scholarship to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Helena is using her coding skills for good, working on a new app called AdoptMe that helps shelter pets find homes. “Through the input of volunteers, the app compiles posts to social media pages that links individual animal stories together with hashtags and creates a story for each animal,” she explained. “The faster we can get pets adopted, the more animals a shelter can help.”   

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Corona Secondary School Holds Graduation Ceremony

Corona Secondary School Agbara Estate today held its graduation ceremony of 2014. The ceremony which had in attendance members of the Corona Schools’ Trust Council, members of staff, old students of the school and several dignitaries started at the scheduled time of 10 am and was held at the school’s premises in the serene Agbara Estate

The ceremony which was themed Manifesting the promise saw the students carting away various awards for their academic achievements, the highest award of the day - Valedictorian of the class of 2014 – was presented to Miss Melody Nduka-Nwosu.

I say congratulations to the graduating students as well as their parents and wish them all the best in their future academic pursuits.

See pictures from the ceremony after the cut.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Video: GEJ and PEJ "Diarris God o" Animated Parody

I was just sent this super-hilarious video by a friend and I thought it too funny to keep to myself alone.

The video depicts our president and wife in the bedroom and PEJ with tears flowing laments the fact that “na only one person waka come”. All the time, GEJ is trying to calm her down. At this point, the couple break out in song, doing a comical version of PSquare’s hit tune, Personally.

This Morning, Romancia says…..

Here’s Romancia’s quote for the day.

People not believing you
doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it.
Where the most inspirational Spirit lies is within you.
Believe in yourself even when everybody doesn’t.

Good morning y’all

Dubbed the World Ugliest Woman, Lizzie Velasquez Wants to Help You Beat the Bullies

Heartlessly, she was dubbed ‘the world’s ugliest woman’ but now, Lizzie Velasquez has beaten the bullies and turned her life around by standing up to the cruel taunts.

Lizzie, 24, from Austin, Texas, was born without adipose tissue – meaning she has no body fat and despite eating up to 60 small meals a day, remains at a delicate 4 stone.

Video: Tiwa Savage’s Wanted

Directed by Mr. Moe Musa, the thrilling video is just what I expected from the Queen of Nigerian pop music.

If I tell you now that she wore just one costume for the whole video, you might get disappointed, but I will be quick to say, "oh what a costume it was….." It definitely was enough to keep you interested in the three and half minute video.

The song which samples the hook from Damien Marley’s tune, Jamrock, is off her debut studio album, Once Upon A Time. It's a catchy, lyrically rich number and the video has got some innovative moves which I am touting to create the next trending moves you will be seeing all over Instagram.

It’s already looking like a Youtube hit in the making with almost 350,000 views since its release there on May 27, 2014.

Watch the vid after the cut and please let me know what you think, especially about the opening scene *winks*

Video: Amerie’s Comeback Single ‘What I Want’ is Sure to be What you Want, Trust Me

It’s been 5 years since we last heard from Amerie. In2009, she released her newest album Love and War and while it was popular with critics, it didn’t quite have the same momentum as her 2005 smash hit, 1 Thing. The good news though is that she’s back with a single that I think is sure-to-please.

Much like 1 Thing, the funky track boasts a killer sample – the hook of Sugarhill Gang’s infectious classic, Apache – that will leave y’all lyrically lovestruck and strapping on your dancing shoes.

Amerie’s next album is called Cymatika Vol. 1but there’s no official release date yet.

Watch the video after the cut. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

This Morning, Romancia says…..

Here’s Romancia’s quote for the day.

Past is experience!
Present is experiment!
Future is expectation!
Use your experience!
In your experiment!
To achieve your expectation!

Good morning y’all

Monday, 2 June 2014

Photos: Nigerians, Here are the Gladiators Representing you at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

The Super Eagles of Nigeria’s Head Coach, Stephen ‘The Big Boss’ Okechukwu Keshi today released the 23-man list of players to represent Nigeria at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

See the list after the cut.

Serena Williams Crashes Couple's Beach Wedding in Her Swimsuit

Serena Williams is a popular wedding guest - whether she's invited or not! The tennis pro just got back from attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding in Florence, Italy and over the weekend, she attended another wedding that she wasn't even invited to!

The 32-year-old was taking it easy on a beach in Miami on Saturday when she noticed a wedding going on. So, what did she do? She crashed it, obviously...

Insta-Personation: Tunde Ednut is Trending for all The Wrong Reason

Well, Tunde Edwho? That’s the question that I hear most people asking, but if you follow the Nigerian entertainment scene, you might have heard the name. the comedian/musician has been off the scene for a while now.

In what seems to be a move to relaunch himself on the scene, Mr. Ednut posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it, “Just felt I should drop this!” The photo of a man’s chiselled abs was eventually discovered by fans not to be his own and you can trust that they were quick to call him out.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Super Producer Shizzi Acquires a Brand New Duplex

Davido posted this pic today on his Instagram page congratulating Shizzi. Said Davido, “Congrats my producer @iamshizzi New crib!! U made me who I am 2day!! AndI say thank you u deserve more than this bro!!!”

I say congrats to Shizzi. The entertainment industry in Nigeria has come a long way o. don’t you think?

5 Common Mistakes you Make Putting on Eyeliner

Gosh some makeup you see these days just make you shudder. Makeup is an art which all girls have to embrace because your face is the canvass. If you are going to wear makeup, then you better learn to wear it right. That is why I'm going to be running a series to give girls useful tips on how to wear makeup right. Thank me later.

Teen Crime: 16-year-old Vincent Parker Kills his Parents for Taking Away his iPod.

A teenager has admitted killing his mum and dad because they confiscated his iPod.

Sixteen-year-old Vincent Parker admitted launching the vicious attacks on his parents a week before Christmas, because he was sick of them handing out punishments like taking his MP3 player away.

The youngster, from Norfolk, Virginia, attacked mum Carol with pepper spray as she came out of their bathroom in December 2013, before stabbing her in the eye.

He then beat her around the head and face with a baseball bat "until she stopped breathing", WTKR-TV news channelreports.

OMG: 10 Really Humiliating Prom Photos

These pictures are hilarious. What could these guys have been thinking when the selected these prom outfits?

 1 Peeping Paedophile
Her father? Her uncle? Her date's father? Peeping paedophile.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Indian Girls, 14 and 15 Found Hanging After Having Been Gang-Raped

Two teenage girls have been found dead, hanging from a tree in a northern Indian village after they were gang-raped by five men, police said on Thursday.

A post-mortem report indicated that the sisters, previously reported to have been cousins, from the low-caste Dalit community, aged 14 and 15, hanged themselves late on Tuesday after the attack in a village in the Budaun district of Uttar Pradesh state.

Kimye Wedding Photo Posted by Kim is Now the Most Liked Photo on Instagram

You know how the saying goes: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes setting Instagram records.
Reality star Kim Kardashian now has bragging rights for holding the Instagram photo with the most Likes. It's the image of her and new hubby Kanye West kissing at their wedding in Italy last weekend. 

Friday, 30 May 2014

Unofficial, Unscientific Ranking of the 2014 World Cup Kits. Where do you Think Nigeria's Kit Lies in the Ranking?

When the 2014 World Cup in Brazil kicks off on June 12, we'll be treated to one month of the world's best and most exciting football. But sports nerds of a certain stripe are also in for an added bonus: World Cup uniforms ("kits" in football parlance), which by many estimations represent the coolest gear the entire sports world has to offer.

The World Cup of style is dominated by football’s big-boy brands: Nike sponsors 10 of the World Cup's 32 teams; Adidas sponsors nine; Puma sponsors eight; Burrda, Marathon, Uhlsport, Joma and Lotto sponsor one apiece. But each company is busting out the best it has to offer for the millions of football fans (and apparel consumers) who will tune into the World Cup from points around the globe this summer.
We've been nerding out over World Cup kits all spring, so now it's time to gather them all together in one place. What follows is our very unscientific ranking of all 32 outfits (Okay, 31; Bosnia and Herzegovina isn't expected to officially release its duds until early June) as done by We've ordered them from here from snazziest to meh-iest.
Check them out, and then tell me  in the comments section below.

which are your favourites and what position you think Nigeria's kit should have been ranked.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

This Morning, Romancia says…..

Here’s Romancia’s quote for the day.

Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind
Great actions speak to all mankind.

Good morning y’all

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Is Don Jazzy the King of Social Media or What? Hot on the Heels of Doro Bucci, Another Track - Adaobi is About to be Born on Instagram

It started out like a joke while Don Jazzy was away in Dubai for Tiwa and Tee Bills’ wedding. He posted a video of himself on Instagram singing the chorus to Doro Bucci and the whole of Instagram went berserk with his fans home and abroad uploading videos of themselves doing their rendition to the Doro Bucci song. The rest is history as they say, for we now have two tracks born out of that skit and they are both hott.

Today, the new track baking in the oven is called Adaobi and it is coming out following pretty much the same master-script: Don Jazzy yesterday uploaded a video on his Instagram page and explained that a friend of his called Adaobi came to visit him at the Mavin Headquarters and requested that he “make a jam with her name” he obviously decided to oblige her and the video was a prelude of the track as he promised that the full jam is coming soon.

Fast-forward just one day and there is already a promo pic for the track with the caption “food is almost ready”.

What do you think about this absolutely ingenious method that the Mavin Boss has adopted to introduce his new artistes to us the listening public?

This 17-Year-Old Nigerian-American's Academic Achievements Show That You Should Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Akintunde Ahmad, a senior at Oakland Tech in Oakland California, USA, has achieved a 5.0 GPA and 2,100 in the SAT. As a result of the achievements, he has his choice of attending Yale, Brown, Columbia or a slew of other prestigious universities but the people he meets don't believe him thanks to the clothes he wears and dreadlocks he sports so he has to carry around proof of his 5.0 GPA and sky high SAT score because he looks like a 'street dude.'

“People looking at me funny is so common that it doesn’t stick out for me anymore, it’s something that I’ve gotten used to.” Says Ahmad

This Morning, Romancia says.....

Here's Romancia's quote for the day.

A morning is a wonderful blessing,
either cloudy or sunny,
it stands for hope,
giving us another start to what we call life.

Good morning y'all.

Monday, 26 May 2014

True Life Story: Too Young for a Smear Test, Now I'm Dying

Cervical screening in England and Wales only starts when you're 25. It's because of this NHS rule that Michelle Frost is dying of cancer, aged just 27.

Now she's using the time she has left to spread the message that the age should be lowered to help save other young women's lives.

Inspirational Story: 15-Year-Old Engineer Invents a Software That Can Identify and Predict the Occurence of Cancer

Fifteen-year-old Nathan Han received the prestigious Gordon E. Moore award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which is the largest international pre-college science competition, for his creation of a software tool that can "identify and predict cancer-causing mutations in a person's DNA."

Shocking: Nigeria Supporters Club Demand 200 Condoms per Day for Each Supporter Travelling to Brazil for the World Cup

Did you hear of the demand of the Nigeria Football and other Sports Supporters Club (NFSSC)? Yei! I have carried last because this story actually broke on the 12th of May but its only just reaching me. So what is the demand? Well, the Supporters Club demanded for the provision of 62 million condoms for fans attending the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

This Morning, Romancia says.....

Here’s Romancia’s quote for the day.

Life is a rope that swings us through hope.
Always believe that today is better than yesterday,
tomorrow will be much better than today.

Good morning y’all.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Exclusive: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde to Open Boutique Soon

Fans Blast Julius Agwu for Leaving Mum in a Squalid House.

Julius (the Genius) Agwu definitely did not bargain for the backlash that this picture elicited from fans when he posted it on Instagramyesterday. It was supposed to be a cute picture of a man and his mum who he is a carbon copy of and fans were supposed to gush and coo about the resemblance and his love for mummy.

The comments started off pretty much according to this script until someone asked him to get a new house for his mum. Some other comments followed this pattern with fans asking him to paint the house.

Iranian Billionaire Businessman Executed for $2.6 Billion Fraud

A billionaire businessman at the heart of a $2.6 billion state bank scam, the largest fraud case since the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, was executed Saturday, state television reported.
Authorities put Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, also known as Amir Mansour Aria, to death at Evin prison, just north of the capital, Tehran, the station reported. The report said the execution came after Iran’s Supreme Court upheld his death sentence.

Video: Michael Jackson's Hologram Performs at Billboards Music Awards

A very, very human-looking “Jackson” was joined by a chorus of real (?) backup dancers as he performed the new tune “Slave to the Rhythm” from his recent posthumous album, “Xscape.” Jackson’s image was seen sitting on a throne, apparently part of the set decoration - then he started moving and you realized it was a hologram!

Dressed in red pants, white shirt, and gold and white striped jacket --with his hair pulled back while doing some complicated choreography - it looked incredibly real.

Whether it was tears of joy upon seeing their favourite artiste somehow back and performing, or tears of sadness because the image was so disturbing, some in the audience were crying.

The audience was cheering wildly, of course - though some could not figure out how to react. The camera panned to one group sitting there slack-jawed. A woman was shown wiping off tears streaming down her face. One guy was dancing though.

Watch the video after the cut.

This Morning , Romancia says........

Here's Romancia's quote of the day:

"Laugh at your mistakes, but learn from them.
Joke over your troubles, but gather strength from them.
Have fun with your difficulties, but overcome them."

Good day y’all.
Pepsi has signed Super Eagles head Coach, Stephen Keshi, and his assistant, Daniel Amokachi as well as Elderson Echiéjilé as its new ambassadors.

Photos: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wed Today.

Congratulations are in order for Mr. and Mrs. Kanye West! 

Kim Kardashian said “I do” to Kanye West today at the Forte di Belvedere in historic Florence, Italy, in an intimate (but not so secret!) ceremony attended by the couple's dearest and nearest.

E! News reports that Rick Wilkinson Jnr. officiated the ceremony, which was nothing less than spectacular. 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Real Madrid Lift UEFA Champions League 2014 Trophy and Achieve La Decima

Hala Madrid! In a thrilling final, Real Madrid emerge as winners and therefore win the competition for the tenth time (La Decima), making them the only team to win the trophy that many times.

There will be celebrations all around the world as Madridistas (Real fans) celebrate the exploits of the Galacticos. Send pictures of your celebrations to

See more images after the cut.

Real Madrid wins 2014 Champions League finals against Atletico Madrid in Lisbon 4 -1

In a pulsating match which saw Atletico Madrid scoring first in the thirty-sixth minute through a Diego Godin header, Real Madrid had to wait till the third minute of injury time to equalise via a Sergio (Sergeant) Ramos goal. The goal forced the game into extra time and Real scored three goals through Gareth Bale earlier on in extra time, and then Marcello deep in extra time, and then Cristiano Ronaldo even deeper in extra time.

Video: Wiyaala - Go Go Black Stars…Goal! (Video For Ghana’s Official World Cup Song)

Let the release of the World Cup songs and videos begin!!!

Friday, 23 May 2014

New Columnist for THq Blog and Her Name is Romancia

Make welcome our new contributor on Teen Headquarters Blog. She’s Romancia Naa Adoley Thompson. A Ghanaian, who lives in the sunny and beautiful city of Accra. Only a teen, she owns a boutique and is in a media school.

New Vid Alert: Phyno Alobam

Phyno drops this new video like its hot for the street.

It’s gritty, it’s grimy and it’s street. . Enjoy.

Can anyone out there tell me what Alobam means?

First Daughter Malia Obama Turns 16 and is to Start Driving Lessons

One of the first daughters is about to get behind the wheel!

"One child is going to be driving this summer," the United States’ first lady Michelle Obama said of her daughter Malia's upcoming milestone in an interview with "Access Hollywood" Tuesday.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Video: Young Iranians are Arrested for Their "Happy" Parody.

You've got to cherish the little freedoms you enjoy after reading this piece.

Six young Iranians have been arrested and forced to apologise after posting a home-made version of US singer Pharrell Williams’s hit song Happy on the internet.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Honest US College Students Return $41,000 to Owner of Couch in Which They Found the Money

When a trio of New York college students bought a smelly secondhand couch from a charity store for $20 they had no clue about its real value.

But not long after roommates Reese Werkhoven, Cally Guasti and Lara Russo got it back to their New Paltz home and nestled in, they discovered envelopes of cash - $41,000 worth - were stashed in every conceivable crevice of the pre-loved find.

Video: Nollywood Super Hero Flick; Oya Rise of the Orisha

Introducing Oya, Rise Of the Orisha. A movie being touted as an African Super Hero movie. With the Super Hero genre enjoying massive audience appeal at the moment, it’s no surprise that Nollywood will be eager for a piece of the action but I beg you please producers of this movie – do your homework well. Don’t just drop the same lukewarm, ill-thought out plots, and please please, get your special effects rights before dropping this movie.

That said, I'm super excited. I can’t wait to see the movie. The synopsis alone is ‘ghen ghen’ enough. Lol.

See synopsis and preview after the cut.