Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Chat with the Smoking Hot Ghanaian Actress and TV Host, Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde is a UK-born Ghanaian actress and TV presenter. After graduating from Middlesex University with a 1st Class degree in Psychology, she returned to the birth place of her parents, Ghana to pursue a career in entertainment.

This pursuit has seen her feature in highly rated Ghanaian TV series as well as present The EFGH Show which profiles the crème de la crème of Ghana’s entertainers from sports stars to movie, music, radio and TV stars in a refreshing way that is truly hers. She also makes regular guest appearances on the Ghanaian talk show, Tales from the Powder Room, holding her own alongside the show’s host, Naa Ashorkor.

So being the roving international reporter that I am, I was able to get Peace to do an interview and you can find excerpts after the cut. Enjoy.

1.   Can you please introduce yourself to my readers?
My name is Peace Hyde and I am a British-born Ghanaian. Growing up was like any normal Ghanaian household. We had traditional African values instilled in us from an early age and my parents always encouraged achievement in everything we did. I grew up with a passion for the creative arts after featuring in a childhood adaptation of Mary Poppings. That passion stayed with me and after relocating to Ghana, I decided to take a leap of faith and here we are.

2.   How did you come to be an actress?
After I relocated to Ghana, I decided to focus on my creative side. I saw an opportunity with a production house to feature in a movie and I auditioned and got the role, it was a short role but it gave me the confidence to pursue acting further. Mnet in Nigeria approached me for a movie project soon after that and I ended up doing two movies and the rest is history.
3.   Can you tell me 3 movies you've been in?
I featured briefly in the second season of Adam's Apple, I also did Protege and The Prodigal Son

4.   Do you watch movies you have been in, or do you find that too weird?
I watch all my movies and yes there is a part of me that finds it weird. It's surreal seeing myself in character on the screen. It feels like you are a totally different person and that is a big part of why I enjoy what I do. You get to transform your world for a brief moment each time.

5.   Can you tell me 3 movies you would have loved to feature in whether in Nolly, Gholly or Hollywood?
Inception, starring Leo DiCaprio; The Colour Purple, starring Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?
6.   Would you enter the Big Brother house if you were ever given the chance?
No. I don't think I am an interesting person to watch for 3 months. People will probably vote me out after the first two weeks.

7.   If you could take up any other profession other than acting, what would it be?
Acting is the other profession. I am a qualified teacher and I practised as a psychologist so I have actually done the jobs that I love already.
8.   Who’s your celeb crush?
I don't have one unfortunately.

9.   What’s the single most expensive item in your wardrobe?
I am not too focused on price tags and expensive brands. I usually buy things that I feel look good and most of my outfits are tailor made.
10.   What would be your advice to a teen with a hot body and so is constantly getting hit on by guys?
My advice will be not to let it get to you. Always stay focused on who you are.  Never let other people's definition of you determine who you are. Do not get swayed by the perceived excitement and attention, there is more to life than that. You are much more than your physical attributes and always remember, so long as you carry yourself with the utmost respect people will follow suit.

11. Please complete the sentence: “If I had $100,000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars), I would ……………..”
I would invest half of it in a high interest scheme and put the rest towards some social causes I am involved in.

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