Sunday, 15 December 2013

Introducing the Dynamic Duo Called Yak

Oluwadamilola Smart (DSmart) and Mieibim Dappa (Dappa)
Meet DSmart and Dappa! Together they are called Yak (You Already Know). So these guys are up and coming artistes and they have a sizzling vid out on Youtube for their song Gbesoke. I was sent a link to the video by a friend and after watching it, I must admit that I absolutely loved it! They're young and fresh. If you did not know about Yak before now, what are you waiting for? Check out the video here and tell me what you think about it. I wanted to know what makes them tick and so I arranged an interview at DSmart's palatial home somewhere in highbrow Ikoyi. Enjoy the read.

Me: So lets know you
DSmart: I am Oluwadamilola Smart, I'm 15 years old, I attend Greensprings School, and I'm in year 11.
Dappa: I am Mieibin Dappa, I attend Grange School, I am 14 and in year 10.

Me: How did you two meet?
DSmart: We met at a football event in Banana Island which I organised over the Easter called Pichichi. We did a song called Komole. Me: Is there a video out for that? Dappa: No, we did not do a video for that.

Me: Have you been performing at shows/events?
DSmart: We only just start today (Yesterday Saturday, December 14, 2013) with Copa Lagos which we are going to after this interview. Tomorrow (Today, Sunday December 15, 2013), we have Upgrade, and then Rhythm Unplugged later in the evening.

Me: The video for Gbesoke is on Youtube and had garnered 1,875 hits as at Friday, December 13, 2013 when I last checked. The reactions have been mixed. Some haters made some really negative comments. How did that make you feel?
Dappa: It motivates me to want to do better.
DSmart: I just thought it was their opinion. Just like how I would like a Drake song and others might not. For instance, Dappa likes Afro Beat, and I like Afro Pop.

Me: Tell me about an embarrassing moment you had in this music business.
Dappa and DSmart: Definitely when shooting the video for Gbesoke.
Dappa: Some scenes were shot at the Notting Hill Carnival in London. We were trying to chat up some of the girls there. It was quite embarrassing because some of them ignored us.

Me: Have you met any celebs?
Dappa: We met Tonto Dikeh at Sound City during the Easter.
DSmart: I have met Samklef, Mo Chedda, Eva Alordia, Sasha P, Praiz and Jesse Jagz. Samklef produced our new song called I'm a Nigerian. It's not out yet.

Me: So career wise, what's next? A record deal, an album, more singles?
DSmart: We're working on a song called I'm a Nigerian. We're working on a video for that as well. I'm working on a solo track called King of Queens. As regards a record deal, we aren't looking at that now. We are already being managed by my mum.
Dappa: We're not looking at this year for a possible album drop. We will be dropping singles though. A single CD should drop this December though. We'll give you some for your giveaway.

Me: So tell me about this song Gbesoke. Who wrote the song, who produced it?
DSmart: The track was produced by Deposit.
Dappa: The video was shot in London. I wrote my verse and DSmart wrote his. We worked together on the hook. I like to say never let someone write your verse cos it looks so unoriginal.

Me: Any collabos in the works?
Dappa: No. We're planning that for Komole remix.

Me: Tell me the story of how you got to be here. How you became recording artistes, about to do your first show.
Dappa: I started about 4 years ago. At school, I would come in front of the class and freestyle. I would also freestyle for my mum and grand mum on their birthdays, using my pillow which was shaped like a microphone. Then I started to make songs on my computer with the software called Audacity. I'd mix and master the songs. I did that for 2 years until I met Dammy at Pichichi. I had heard his Rack City freestyle. He seemed timid so i walked up to him and we exchanged details. I bbmed him the next day asking for a date and time to go to the studio to record a song. I was gassed (excited). I had saved up enough money to go to the studio as I had wanted to go for the longest time. We recorded Komole and I played it to my mum. She liked it, plus, my elder brother also propsed (hyped) the song which helped convince her. My mum called DSmart's mum and they both consented. My dad was cool with the idea so long as I stayed in school and maintained my high grades.
DSmart: I started in year 7. Music was harder back then cos everyone used to laugh at me. It was motivation for me. Every day I would come home, write 5 new raps and keep them to myself. I was motivated by LOS (Loud on Sound). They were in my school. In year 8, I made my first song called Best Bars in a studio in Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja. After getting the song, I was so disappointed that I did not release it. This only motivated me more. In year 9, my mum got in touch with Samklef and then I recorded my Rack City freestyle in his studio. That turned out to be my first official song. In Easter, I met Mieibim and he said he liked my song which was a great compliment for me so I was eager to do a song with him.
Dappa: (to DSmart) If not for me, you would still be doing Hiphop.
DSmart: (responds) Yes you saved me.

Me: So are you dating? If you wanted to take a girl on a date, what would be your idea of an ideal date?
Dappa:  I am dating, I don't want to say who though. On my ideal date, I would prefer to do something or go somewhere she would love, and which I would also enjoy so we can both be comfortable. So a place where we would both have fun. I guess the ideal date would be the movies.
DSmart:  No, I'm not dating at the moment. My ideal date would be at a not too expensive but decent restaurant.

Me: Still on the ladies, Has there been love from them as a result of your music?
DSmart: No ladies. Mieibim gets all the female fans. I get a few female compliments which I acknowledge.
Dappa: As Dammy said, I get a lot of female fans. Since the vid, I get at least a mention everyday saying Mieibim is so fine . I really appreciate that. God bless my mum.

Me: What artistes do you admire?
DSmart: Drake, Olamide.
Dappa; Education/Career perspective, my mum, music will have to be Starboy (Wizkid).

Ibikari Dappa (Yak's Co-Manager), DSmart and Dappa
So do you know the guys, were you at Copa Lagos, will you be at Upgrade or at Rhythm Unplugged? Did you see the guys perform? Share your thoughts. Show them some love. They are the future of Nigeria's music industry and you saw them here first!


  1. This is great, young men with dreams and ambition!. Always good to see young men have dreams and actually pursue them. Most adults today regret not doing that. Much respect to their parents supporting too!.

  2. Lovely, good rhythm, keep working at it but keep the bottoms out of your video. Bravo!

  3. Rocking beat, hope they don't end up confused with the fame and all...nice one Yomi. They should get a publicist though while getting that video out there. Best part of it all they should keep chasing that dream

  4. This is very impressive. There are a zillion young and up-coming artistes around now. To stand the test of time, they have to create a niche and differentiate themselves. This comes with consistency, good old hard work, dedication, doggedness and creatively channeling of talent. See Wizkid and Olamide for example. well done YAK!

  5. Very nice..lookin forward to more works from em..

  6. Nice beats though their yoruba is quite funny. I specially love the name:YAK(You Already Know)

  7. I won't being you lady D-Smart, you're just as attractive to me and personality is all that counts, Good Job guys x