Sunday, 8 June 2014

Be Inspired: Meet the Next Generation of Power Girls

The 15-Year-Old App Developer
Not only is she one of the youngest coders to be making major waves in the tech world, but 15-year-old Helena Mark is also one of the only girls changing what used to be the dude-dominated coding world. After developing her first website in 5th grade and publishing her first app in 8th grade, Helena just beat out hundreds of students to win a scholarship to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Helena is using her coding skills for good, working on a new app called AdoptMe that helps shelter pets find homes. “Through the input of volunteers, the app compiles posts to social media pages that links individual animal stories together with hashtags and creates a story for each animal,” she explained. “The faster we can get pets adopted, the more animals a shelter can help.”   

The High School Freshman Turned Movie Star

Eden Duncan-Smith loved acting in plays at school and church, but when this 14-year-old entered high school she took a giant leap and landed a role in this year's remake of the movie Annie, starring alongside the likes of Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx. "Girl Power is about standing tall in your womanhood and daring anyone to treat you as if you don't matter or have the power to change the world," Eden said. Talk about a true power girl!

The 9-Year-Old Skateboarding Sensation

9-year-old Sabre Norris is well on her way to being in the next X-Games! The fearless skateboarder shows off her serious skills and determination in this buzzy video, refusing to give up until she nails a 540. Many boarders would have given up, but Sabre proves her power-girl status, picking herself off the ramp after ever fall until she nails the tricky skateboard move!

The 7-Year-Old Who Demanded Better Legos For Girls

After a recent trip to the toy store, 7-year-old Charlotte wrote this a letter to LEGO asking them why the boy LEGOs get to go on fun adventures and have cool jobs while the girls LEGOs are stuck at home without careers. Her letter may have been about LEGOs, but her message is so much more powerful than better toys—it's about empowering girls to have the same opportunities as boys from the start. So, Charlotte, we only have one thing to say to that: YOU GO GIRL!

The 11-Year-Old Power Voice

At the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards, Aaliyah Rose's rendition of Frozen's "Let It Go" blew everyone away! The Utah cutie already has an EP on iTunes called Follow Your Heart, and now that she's showcased her killer pipes in front of millions, she's well on her way to becoming music's next big star!

The Itty-Bitty Fashion Designer

With a little help from her mum Angie, Mayhem Keizer recreates her favourite red-carpet dresses out of just paper and tape—and they're more than amazing! She even makes some of her own designs inspired by her favourite books and movies. Oh and did we mention...she's only 4?! Now that's some serious talent!

The Mini Beyonce

Speaking of talented tots! 3-year-old Heavan and her dance-teacher mom are creating viral buzz with their ah-mazing Beyonce dance routines. This little cutie has some serious moves that have landed her the nickname Mini Beyonce. 

The 7-Year-Old With The Voice Of A Superstar

On Norway's Got Talent, 7-year-old Angelina sang a bluesy jazz song with the same soul as someone who is, well, much older than 7! Her rendition of this classic hit will literally blow. you. away. Expect to hear this young talent on YouTube any day now!

The 11-Year-Old Dancing Superstar

You may recognize Maddie Ziegler from the Lifetime show, Dance Mums. She’s her dance teacher’s favourite, and the girl who always gets the solos and wins. With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, you’re probably already following her cuteness already, but this tiny dancer just bumped her mega-talented booty to a whole new level by starring in Sia’s “Chandelier” music video! The video has more than 12 million views and is growing daily. She also recreated the video live on The Ellen Degeneres show recently. Maddie dreams of being a professional dancer on Broadway, and judging by her success so far, this #17PowerGirl can achieve anything she sets her mind to!

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