Sunday, 1 June 2014

OMG: 10 Really Humiliating Prom Photos

These pictures are hilarious. What could these guys have been thinking when the selected these prom outfits?

 1 Peeping Paedophile
Her father? Her uncle? Her date's father? Peeping paedophile.

2 So Blue
Anyone looking back on this disaster would be more blue than their outfits.

3 Borat Goes To The Prom
Now that's one disgusting prom outfit, and his too.

4 Statue of Something
If she was going for the Statue of Liberty, she must think her breasts are her head.

5 Going, Going, Gone
What started out as a scenic group prom picture, ended up in the lake.

6 Chubby Checker
It's all a game, but at least they match

7 Take Your Pet To The Prom
Somewhere in the sticks, girls take their pets as dates, and by pets we mean chickens and other creatures.

8 Hiding Out
Bringing it back to nature, this is their foreplay for what happens after the prom.

9 Patriotic Fail
There's loving your country, and then there's the fashionably challenged with an obsession with the flag.

10 Jungle Fever
This guy looks like he is more in love with his cat than his date.

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