Thursday, 17 May 2018

Reader's Post: Poem Entitled Tempest

New Contributor, Vanessa Jones

We are proud to introduce our newest Contributor, Vanessa Jones. Vanessa is a Student in higher education with a flair for poetry and short stories. Enjoy one of her pieces entitled Tempest.


Enveloped inside the fog of her own brain
Memories of happiness and sorrow come in waves
Tear ducts overflowing and never depraved
Tears filled with love and blood stains

They stream down her cheeks to the corners of her mouth
Creating a cycle of swallowing them so they reroute 
Some churn forever never making it back to re-cascade
Creating an ocean filled with tidal waves

Slamming into each other creating chaotic sorrow bubbles within
Floating through her veins and crawling beneath her skin 
Finally rupturing and spilling the salts of love and pain
Salts that forever line the shores of the beach made up of black grains
The ocean takes these grains of black back out to be set free
Free to release the love that's deeply embedded in her fearless sea

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