Thursday, 17 May 2018

'​Britain's Biggest Moaner' Claims He Makes £1,000 A Year From Complaining

Britain's Biggest Complainer, Chris Owen 

Moaning is just about as inherently British as it gets. Has it been raining too much lately? Go on, have a grumble. Is it, God forbid, too hot? Time to get your rant on. Freddo gone up in price again? FFS.

But one man has taken that old national past time and turned it into quite the lucrative business, claiming that he actually makes around £1,000 ($1,348) a year on moaning and complaining.

Chris Owen, 39, from Buckinghamshire, is happy to kick up a fuss regarding just about anything - from slightly dodgy food right through to bad service.

Apparently, it all began way back when he complained about a marble table three years ago. Worth £650 ($876), the table was delivered and damaged three times, and on the fourth time the table top was missing altogether.

PR director and dad-of-one Chris told the Sun: "I spent four Saturdays waiting for a table to be delivered to my house and each time it was dropped during delivery. I knew I was within my rights to complain."

That little gripe paid off, because in return Chris received £200 ($269) for the inconvenience. Yep, that's almost a third of the cost of the table itself. Naturally, that's when the penny dropped that a little moan here and there could be quite the money-spinner.

Chris continued: "I don't pro-actively look for things to complain about, but if I see that something is not right I'll push for compensation."

He claims that intotal, he's made £2,900 ($3,910) from kicking up a fuss over the last three years, which works out as an average of almost £1,000 a year.

Of course, the amount that Chris gets can vary - we're guessing some people are wise to what he's trying to do - but he says he has managed to make back about £70 ($94) complaining about mayonnaise in burgers alone.

"I hate mayonnaise. So, I always ask for my sandwich or burger to come without it. It's not an impossible request," he explained.

"Most of the time waiters get it wrong and I end up waiting for my food. When it's time to pay it's then fairly easy to ask for a discount or ask for your meal to be taken out of the bill entirely for the inconvenience and the wait."

Another personal victory for Chris? When a popular pizza chain invited Chris and his three pals back for a free dinner on them - the offence being that it took 90 minutes to bring over a jug of water to the table.

Other areas of protestation for Chris include poor hygiene standards in coffee shops (that can equate to around £40/$54 a year), waiting time, rude staff and, on a slightly more serious note, dodgy installation of an electrical junction box - which led to a full £480 ($647) refund.

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