Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Health: Drinking Sachet and Bottled Water Exposed to Sunlight is Bad for Your Health

Do you drink “pure water” and “bottle water"? Some people see sachet "pure" water as unhygienic and so prefer only to drink water in the plastic bottle. Well research by microbiologists has shown that water hygienically packaged in plastic or sachet is not  bad to health. What they say is bad, however, is that plastic or cellophane, the materials commonly used to package water in Nigeria, react to sunlight generating chemicals which are harmful to the body.

Sachet water (pure water) is the more abused product in this country. It is common to find bags of pure water kept outside in the sun and in the rain. You even find some shops where the bags are kept exposed in burglary proof cages and kept permanently outside.

In order to keep ourselves safe, we should buy these products from shops where they are safely handled. Another measure to adopt is to buy the bags in bulk from the distribution van and store them safely, away from sunlight at home, from where they can be safely consumed. 
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