Saturday, 26 April 2014

Video: This Mum Beats Her 12-Year-Old Daughter for Posting Sexy Pictures on Facebook

So I don’t understand a lot of the Caribbean English (partois) being spoken by the mum but the video is self-explanatory. The girl who is 12-years-old posted some pictures/or some comments calculated to attract men on Facebook. Her mum (or guardian) got to find out and thought it to be inappropriate and capable of bringing "shame" to the family and so gave the girl got the hiding of her life. See video after the cut.

I watched the video and it seems like what you could see happen in some Nigerian households. I can see an angry Nigerian mum pick up a belt and beat her daughter just as bad for doing the exact same thing.

The question though is do you think this sort of thing is wrong? What is your opinion about corporal punishment? Kindly give your age when you comment so we can see what generation is speaking and understand if there are differences in views based on age.


  1. I am 30 and this is what my mum would have done to me when I was 12 if I posted disgraceful pictures online. However, I am not sure the generation of mothers we have now will do the same thing. certainly, they won't flog the 'demon' out of a child who does this kind of thing. My friend has a 14yr old girl and a 12 year old boy. They both have samsung phones and have tweeter, facebook and instagram accounts, which I think is very wrong. The Bible says it all - spoil the rod and spoil the child. If it were my daughter, I will either do the same thing or have my husband discipline the child - flog her very well. In addition, that child will not have access to any social media account until 18!

  2. Didn't get to view the video tho...I'm 21, and I feel its right for the mother to correct her which ever way she feels its right, and the mother has to sit the child down and advice her one the right and wrong things. This is what I feel