Saturday, 5 April 2014

Former United States President, George W. Bush Exhibits his Paintings of World Leaders

Bush and his art teacher, Bonnie Flood

The exhibition features paintings of about 24 world leaders
Former United States President, George W. Bush will today open a public exhibit of his paintings of world leaders who he met when he was President.

The exhibition will be at his Dallas presidential library and will feature a self-portrait as well as other world leaders such as Tony Blair (former British prime Minister), Angela Merkel (German chancellor), as well as Vladimir Putin (Russian president) who’s painting Mr Bush or ‘43’ as he signs each canvass reckons is his finest work.

Turns out Mr Bush has been taking weekly art lesson and the whole world is now excited to see the works of the man who was long criticized for not being very good at expressing himself and only seeing things in black and white.

Here’s a sneak peek at the works.

Former US president Bush's portrayal of German chancellor, Angela Merkel

Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin and George Bush as portrayed by Bush aka '43'

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