Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Threat of Ebola is Real, be Informed

The Ebola virus as seen through a microscope
The threat of the Ebola virus is real. It started in Guinea and has reportedly spread to some other West African countries such as Liberia. Now, health officials are investigating possible cases in Mali and Ghana. This Ebola outbreak is being described as the worst seen in years having left over 100 people dead already in its wake.

It was reported in the news yesterday that the Minister for health, Professor Onyeabuchi Chukwu has stated that Nigeria is in great danger of an outbreak.

So what is Ebola? How is it spread? What are its symptoms? Can it be prevented? What do you do if you come down with the symptoms?

This information is as circulated by International SOS. It was emailed to me by a reader.

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