Thursday, 30 January 2014

Supposed Teen Ringleader of Ottawa Prostitution Ring Found Guilty on 30 of 33 Charges

The public housing complex in Ottawa at the centre of an alleged human trafficking ring run partly by a group of teen girls.
OTTAWA, CANADA — An Ottawa girl has been found guilty of 30 of 33 charges against her in connection with a prostitution ring involving teenage girls.
 The Court heard that the girl, identified as the ringleader of the group, used physical violence and verbal threats to force other teenage girls into prostitution.

She pleaded not guilty in April 2012 to the 33 charges including assault, human trafficking, robbery and making and distributing child pornography.
A sentencing date has yet to be set and the Crown (Prosecution) says it will seek an adult sentence.
Two other teens accused in the case pleaded guilty to several charges in September in a surprise about-face after having pleaded not guilty earlier last year.
The three girls, whose identities are protected under a publication ban, were arrested in June 2012 in the Ottawa area.
The Court heard that the teens befriended girls ranging in age from 13 to 17 on Facebook and other social media, and then forced them to work as escorts.
The Court was told the victims were beaten, confined and robbed and prosecutors said several of the victims had their clothes ripped off and were photographed in the nude.
THe alleged ringleader in a teen prostitution ring shed tears as she listened to an Ottawa Judge find her guilty of human trafficking, producing child pornography, confinement and other related offences Wednesday.

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