Thursday, 30 January 2014

Justin Bieber: President Obama to Decide if He Will be Deported

On Sunday, I blogged about the report that Justin Bieber might be spiralling into the dark world of drug and alcohol abuse. Today comes the news that there are moves by concerned Americans to get the President to order the deportation of Justin Bieber back to his native Canada.

Here’s how is reporting the story. Read up and please drop a comment. Should Justin be deported? If Canada doesn’t want him, is he welcome in your home?

Celebrities and former fans have signed a petition on the White House’s website, asking President Obama to order Justin back to Canada. The petition already has gotten more than 136,000 signatures in just six days! Do you think it’ll really happen?
Could Justin Bieber be headed back to Canada for good? Thousands of haters are attempting to have the government, specifically President Barack Obama, deport the pop star.
Justin Bieber Being Deported By President Barack Obama?
Justin’s fate may be in the hands of the President, so let’s hope he’s a Belieber. A petition started by Americans who are fed up with his run-ins with the law has garnered 136,000 names and counting. Get this — it only took six days for this to happen!
Here’s the bad news for Bieber. By law, the President has to review any petition that gains 100,000 or more signatures within 30 days, and it’s already surpassed that number.
It looks like the President will have to take a look at this and could revoke Justin’s visa. But the likelihood of this happening is not high because Justin’s crime is not one of “moral turpitude,” meaning, he didn’t kill anyone or do something that was would legally cause him to be sent home. He was driving while under the influence of marijuana, alcohol and prescription drugs on Jan. 23 and he had an expired license when he was pulled over in Miami by the police, but these are not crimes which warrant deportation, according to immigration lawyers consulted by

Justin’s Shocking Message For His Haters
Despite the petition, has learned exclusively that Justin isn’t “worried” about the “haters” that want him deported.
“[Justin] feels they are all haters,” the source adds. “And he doesn’t put much focus on them at all.”
Celebrity Drake Bell is one of the individuals calling for Justin to be sent home.
“Become part of the movement!!!,” Drake said, after posting a link to a  “We the People” petition.

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