Thursday, 19 December 2013

Meet Zuriel Oduwole, the Youngest Person Ever to be Interviewed for Forbes Africa

All I could say was wow when I read about Zuriel and watched her interviews. She is now 11 years old and already has an interview with Africa's richest businessman, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, as well as interviews with several serving Heads of State as her achievements.

Zuriel Elise Oduwole is a Nigerian-American child journalist. She made her first documentary at the age of 9 and is now promoting her project called Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up. This project has seen her travel to many countries (including Nigeria, Tanzania and Malawi) promoting a positive image for Africa at the same time highlighting the plight of the girl child in Africa. Below is an interview she granted while in Tanzania promoting her project. I was personally blown away by the intelligence she displays.

This gifted and ambitious young girl says she has many other dreams so she will be retiring from journalism at the age of 19 to pursue other endeavours such as sports. She has dreams of being a track athlete and also to play basketball. Her ultimate ambition though is to be President of the United States. Wow wouldn't that be awesome? Who's to say she can't? With her already impressive achievements. You go girl, we are truly proud of you. See interview here.

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  1. How fantastic is this! Superbly overwhelming. At age 11, she has already gotten over the 'employee mentality'. This girl is intelligent and she is just doing what she enjoys. She will live life a fulfilled person and not be clamped with the stereotype mentality of 'go to school, get good grades and get a good job!' She wants to be the President of the United States!!! How huge is that! She wants to re-brand Africa!!! Even the sky can't limit her. I wish other young teens can learn from her drive and determination!