Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Blessing's Bundle: How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You

Blessing Agholor
I had the pleasure a weeks ago of interacting with a very intelligent young lady called Blessing Agholor from South East London in the United Kingdom. She has her strong opinions about teens and relationship and was very glad to share those opinions here on the blog so I've decided to publish her articles. Sort of like a little column and it's to be called Blessing's Bundle. It's her little package delivered to you here. Of course, feel free to agree or disagree with her opinions. Find her article after the cut.

Okay Teens, listen up. We are teens and we know what goes down in the real world between boys and girls. Girls, if the boy really likes you he will wait. You don't need to have sex to please him. He needs to realize that there is more to life than that.If that is all he wants, get rid of him. Sounds too harsh?

Don't throw your life away because of that. You’re beautiful, pretty, and wonderfully made by God. Now girls, if your boyfriend has cheated on you before, what makes you think he will stop? Hmmm, there’s this parable that says once a cheat, always a cheat. Yes, once a cheat, always a cheat, because it is in their blood, difficult to stop but fun to handle.

A guy can call you all sort of things like my baby, my love, sweetheart and all sorts but girlfriends it makes no difference. Therefore don't jump for it because at the end, you will be blamed for the consequences.


  1. she's right, some girls don't think becoz they want to be in a relationship. seriously girls of this days need to be told this. anyway that's if they will listen. all they want is sex role. am a mother and I know . go girl say it to them.

  2. is it only men that cheat? what anout you women that expose your breast for us to suck

  3. Evang(mrs) Prisca Richards BlacksonWednesday, December 18, 2013 7:11:00 pm

    I think this article is a must read to every teen out there and to some adults who are still searching. Some men or boys are just after what u have under ur skirt,after wish, they,ll leave u for another girl. Blessing, thank u. U are a role model. Proud of u and u look cute in that pix.Bless u

  4. Well said, Blessing. The truth does NOT keep a Man. The moment he gets better sex elsewhere, he moves on. Just like everything else in life, if you get it cheap, you won't value it. So girls, lock up shop until he does the needful. Sounds like an impossibility but it's doable.