Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dear THq Readers: Should I Stop Being Friendly to Guys?

Teen Headquarters Blog (THq) is really getting popular. One of the objectives of the Blog is to be a platform where teens can discuss the problems that they encounter as teens growing up in an adult dominated society. Sometimes, you might find certain things confusing and have no one else to turn to. THq readers are here for you, send me an email and I will publish your story.

Here's an email I received this morning. The reader describes herself as an avid reader of the Blog and wants other readers to advice her. Find her unedited email below.

I like making friends with both guys and girls because I am a very free person, and I don’t form or say anybody is small or too big to become my friend.

The problem I have is that each guy, or should I say most of the guys that I have become friendly with always has bad intentions towards me each time I visit them. They are always trying to rape me.

This has happened to me so often and now I feel depressed and confused. Should I  stop being friendly or fair to guys?

Jenny, 15 from Victoria Island

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