Thursday, 10 December 2015

VIDEO: Teen Basketball Player Makes ‘One In A Million Shot’

Just in time for the release of the new “Star Wars” film, a young US basketball player harnessed his inner Jedi to make an incredible last-gasp, game-winning shot.

With just under two seconds left, the Austn Packers were trailing rivals Northfield by two points in Tuesday’s game.

So, Northfield was up 55-53 with 1.6 seconds remaining and at the free throw line. After one miss, coach Kris Fadness called timeout. “I just told them if he makes the second, we have the chance to set up some sort of set last-second play, but if he misses, you got to heave it.”, said head coach Kris Fadness.

The second free-throw caromed off the rim and like Luke Skywalker dropping a torpedo into the Deathstar’s thermal exhaust port, 16 year old junior forward, Oman Oman launched the orange orb 80 feet across the court and somehow got it into the basket for the decisive tree-pointer.

Video of the breath-taking shot has gone viral, attracting those who believe in miracles.

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