Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Video: US Teacher Suspended for Using Li'l Wayne's Lyrics as English Homework

Youtube vlogger, @lovelyti gives her opinion on the suspension of a Florida, USA teacher for giving her 8th grade (Nigerian JSS 2) pupils the lyrics to Li’l Wayne’s song, ‘6 foot, 7 foot’ to work on for a literature assignment. Read the full gist below, watch the video and then join the debate. Was the teacher wrong?

When her students were having trouble grasping literary devices such as similes and puns, a Florida teacher at Charter Schools of Boynton Beach assigned more colloquial material to help her pupils reach a better understanding. But her choice of literature is not what one would normally consider as appropriate for 8th graders. Certainly not by the parent of one of the 8th graders, who was outraged when her son came home repeating the explicit lyrics to Lil’ Wayne’s ‘6 Foot 7 Foot’ song.
The school's administration claims that the assignment, which asked students to decrypt figurative language in Wayne’s single off the Carter IV LP, was not approved. Headmaster Wayne Owens released a statement to WBTV News Channel 5 explaining that the teacher, who is suspended for 3 days, recognizes the assignment was “inappropriate.”

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